CityMouse is your digital inclusion partner, creating beautiful designs with powerful features that are inclusive to all. 

Whether you are a  large corporation, small business, or a nonprofit organization  we ensure your digital outreach is inclusive to people of all abilities. Through use of robust technologies and latest standards we ensure your assets meet all current legal requirements. We  advise clients, train personnel and test websites to ensure they are inclusive to all.

Enterprise Services

Digital Inclusion Implementation & Digital Accessibility Compliance

We provide expert guidance for the inclusive use of the web to technical leadership, legal teams, management and content personnel. We guide central oversight, and support through assessing, maintaining and promoting web and information technology accessibility.  

We provide guidance to ensure  compliance with all applicable federal, state, and local laws concerning access to programs, benefits, and services online to people with disabilities, including Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA Title II) and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act. We establish best practices for designing and maintaining accessible IT software,websites and online assets. We give  guidance for contracts and purchasing through the application of current regulations inlcluding  w3C WCAG standards to ensure compliance and robust solutions.  

 Digital Inclusion Roadmap

We can provide guidance in the development of a Digital Inclusion Roadmap  setting a clear and practical path to achieve and maintain accessibility including: 

  • Resource Analysis
    • Personnel
    • Technology
  • Digital Inclusion Goals 
  • Digital Inclusion Strategy
  • Digital Inclusion Plan, How to:
    • Fix
    • Verify
    • Engage 
    • Guide 
    • Maintain 
    • Train 
    • Document


Technology Assessment
We perform current systems analysis to define requirements and advancements planned or needed for personnel and implementation goals and determine status in current technology roadmap. We perform  analysis to deliver guidance on best fit for  digital accessibility management testing tools.

  • Requirements Gathering
  • Enterprise Technology Assessment
  • Accessibility Compliance Testing Tools recommendations


Business Process  Assessment 

We define requirements and advancements planned or needed for personnel and implementation goals, determine status in the current technology roadmap. 

Small Business Services

Inclusive Digital Design.
We are platform agnostic and customize a solution depending on customer resources and needs. Different platforms provide differing capabilities and demand different approaches to ensure access for all.

  • Website consulting
  • Branding

What makes one brand different from another? Branding isn’t just about logos, colors and a tone of voice; it’s both a spiritual mind-set and a tangible entity. A successful brand DNA successfully inspires your company ethos, as well as all user experiences and customer service interactions

  • Design & Development
    • WordPress
    • Drupel
    • Joomla
    • Wix
    • Weebly
    • Indesign 


Digital Accessibility Compliance

After the initial digital accessibility compliance assessment, develop a custom roadmap to accessibility compliance in accordance with digital inclusion goals, client resource and accessibility regulations. 

Services include:

  • Assessment
  • Remediation
  • Redesign
  • Maintenance
  • Legal Compliance
    • ADA
    • State
    • Local
    • Section 508
  • WCAG Compliance
    • WCAG 2.0, 2.1, 2.2 A AA Compliance testing

Digital Inclusion

We are proud consultants for digital inclusion practices, bringing our expertise to ensure that online access, UIs, and interactive environments are universally accessible.

  • Digital Inclusion Strategy
  • Digital Inclusion Roadmap
  • Digital Accessibility
  • Digital Inclusion Policy & Guidelines


What Is In A Brand’s DNA?
What makes one brand different from another? Branding isn’t just about logos, colors and a tone of voice; it’s both a spiritual mind-set and a tangible entity. A successful brand DNA successfully inspires your company ethos, as well as all user experiences and customer service interactions.

Award-Winning Branding
At CityMouse we pride ourselves on our track record of conceiving brand entities for government institutions, start-ups and large businesses alike consistently since 1996. Our mission is to understand your objectives and help you to establish a strong and emotional brand that can evolve and inspire everyone.


  • Accessibility audit and testing
  • Database design, development and support
  • Responsive+ accessibility audits and web development
  • Enterprise accessibility
  • API and AI integration
  • License reseller of internet accessibility compliance tools
  • Project monitoring and project assurance
  • IT portfolio analysis
  • Risk management

Marketing & Analytics

Validated learning
All marketing needs to be based on validated learning to ensure you measure both marketing, functional interfaces and the user experience (UX) effectively. CityMouse will advise you on the most effective website analytics tools and help to implement all website tracking correctly so that you can measure the impact of all your marketing activities.

Google Analytics experts
At CityMouse we offer industry leading Google analytics consultancy services, helping you to extract actionable data by implementing funnel analysis, advanced segmentation, effective goal tracking, A/B analysis, surveys and other website performance analysis.

IP Analytics
CityMouse provides B2B clients with a bleeding-edge IP analysis tools that tracks business names by tracking fixed IP addresses the minute they visit your website. This data helps clients with lead generation and further improves their knowledge of how both specific customers and specific potential customers are interacting with their brand.

SEO analytics
Analytics SEO is a an SEO tool that provides SEO data that is critical to beating competitors. CityMouse is an expert at utilising the tool to provide competitive site audits, Google rank comparisons over time, number of pages indexed in search engines, quality of links and deep link ratio, overall SEO score and more.

Social Media Monitoring
CityMouse is experienced in setting up social media analytics tools to help monitor key influencers, trends, content interactions, themes and competitors. We are well versed at a variety of tools such as SalesForce that provide an excellent way to gauge how users are ‘socially’ interacting with your products or services.

Actionable Analytics – The Future Of Analytics
CityMouse takes website analytics to the next level by fusing cohort and actionable web analytics with data from business intelligence (BI) and CRM sources form 37 Signals, providing an even more accurate picture of business performance. If you require a marketing retainer for on-going analytics work you want some analytics help as a one off project, please contact us.

Responsive Plus (+)

Responsive Plus+ is the standard by which CityMouse designs and develops all of its internet services. Our designs are both responsive and responsible. We develop websites that work on any device and on any assistive technology.

It is an industry leading process to deliver superior accessible user experiences (UX) for today’s websites, online services, software as a service (SaaS), smartphone apps and tablet apps.

Responsive Plus+ is both strategic and tactical allowing you to make big changes while also making quick fixes. As an on-going process, it’s a mind-set for your business encouraging constant improvements.

Software as a Service

We have over 15 years of experience in producing custom SaaS systems to power your product using our agile development team structure. We’ve developed applications for organizations large and small, from government agencies and enterprises to exciting start-ups with big ambitions.

Our role isn’t limited to simply developing custom platforms either; we consult on overall business and technical strategy to create the infrastructure that your organization needs. Even beyond launch, we can market and support your brand in partnership acting as your technical, design and marketing team in one.

How we utilize proprietary software platforms
CityMouse utilizes a robust scalable enterprise accessibility-compliant platform

Test Driven Development
We develop SaaS platforms with built-in unit testing to ensure robustness.

Using The Right Framework For The Job
We use frameworks that help speed up development.

Flexibility With Technology
From PHP, node.js to .NET we are experienced with a variety of programming languages and will help you decide on the most suitable approach for your needs.

E-Commerce Integration
Our experts help choose and configure relevant payment gateways like PayPal, SagePay and WorldPay.

API Integration
Throughout past projects we have integrated with high profile vendors such as Google, 37 Signals, Sage, PayPal, Microsoft, and SalesForce.

We’ve produced customized SaaS platforms for a variety of industries from publishing, government and finance to property and healthcare. Email us at about your SaaS development today.